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 对我们人类来说,空腹运动更舒服。从另一方面来说,马是食草动物,或者说是需要长时间、小量的进食 。


 对我们人类来说,空腹运动更舒服。从另一方面来说,马是食草动物,或者说是需要长时间、小量的进食 。



Should you feed before you ride?

    Extensive studies now advise that horses SHOULD have something in their stomach when they are ridden, and the best thing forthem to have is hay.

   For us, as humans, to exercise on a full stomachis really uncomfortable right?! We feel sluggish. We get a stitch.

    But horses and humans are completely differentin the way we eat and in the way our stomach works. We can go for a really longtime (like overnight) without eating and it’s not an issue. And yes, it's morecomfortable, for us, to exercise on an empty stomach.Horses on the other hand are grazers,ortrickle feeders. They are designed to eat almost constantly over a 24-hourperiod.And will take only very short (less than2to3 hour) breaks betweenfeeding if left to feed naturally. Because of this, their stomach NEVERswitches off acid production, and this is why you must not ride your horse on(his) empty stomach.